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Hawai'i Saves My Holiday...


I'm out here in North Carolina, and I'm about to spend my first Christmas ever, all alone. No ohana, no shipmates, no friends...nobody. I've got some ugly bills, money is a worry and my house is a mess as I move from my apartment to my new digs. I didn't get out any Christmas cards, either.

Plenny map hang.

But then, as I was digging through a chest to make room for more junks, I found two of these:

They were left in my trunk from my last days in Hawai'i. I held them in my hands, and suddenly started to cry. I ran into the empty bedroom and just hugged the bottle to my chest, letting the Mana flow into my sad and hurting heart. I stayed that way for a good ten minutes, just soaking up the love of Hawai'i. The bottle said, "Best before 10/12/2006, but it's still crystal clear.

I'm going to save one. I'll keep it, either for a dire emergency, or until I return. That one, I'll carry out to Kaena Point, my favorite place in Hawai'i, and make my offering in thanks for a safe return. One pour to each of the Makani 'ewalu, one to the Aina, Kai, Pukana La and Mahina.

The other, I will share with my co-workers on Christmas Eve.
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