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The Song in things...

A few years ago, I was eating out in a restaurant on the windward side of Oahu in Hawai'i, near Kaaawa. I was with brombear and wxkat, and on the way back to the car, I heard the sound of someone tapping on something.

The called to me.

It was a happy sound. A joyous sound.


I am born!


I am glad!

Image Hosted by I followed the noise to it's source, and there was a screened-in lanai (patio). Inside, working under a single bulb, was a local man making a ku'i 'ai pohaku, or poi pounder. I watched him tapping away with his tools, making the item, and it was such a wonderful, glorious sound. I asked the man about it, and he said he was making it for a marriage gift. That pretty much explained the Song I'd been hearing.


I am born!
I am glad!
My purpose is at hand!
Made in love, I toil at life
So others might prosper.
My bones are strong!
My poi will share my strength,
And those who share of it
Shall gain strength from me!
I am glad!
I am born.
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