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Shake, Rattle & Roll!

Sorry if this is a duplicate post for some of you.....

It has been an interesting morning... At 7:07 am this morning we had a 6.5 earthquake here on the island of Hawai'i. There is damage reported in the Kona and Kamuela areas, but power has been restored in many areas on this island. From what I understand, and what is being reported on TV, O'ahu is still without power as are parts of Maui county and Kaua'i.

It was my first relatively large earthquake since I left California... All I can say is it FELT like one of the larger ones I have experienced! I have been through a lot of quakes, but this one was different - it bounced and so did our apartment! I Cali I would have stood in my doorway, but here the doorway was swaying and bouncing so much that I chose to go outside with hubby... It just felt safer! We stood outside and watched our wooden apartment building sway to and fro... A couple of things fell off shelves, etc., but no major damage here - thank the Good Lord...

Heard on the news that all the airports are closed for outgoing traffic - Honolulu airport is completely shut down... So much for Emergency preparedness! lol

Watched some national news - man are they blowing it all out of proportion! I even heard one newscaster mention lava flows in Hilo! LMAO There is no lava currently flowing in Hilo - it HAS been flowing at Kilauea since '81, but nothing new today... Boy the news folks DO jump on all sensational ideas - true or not, don't they?

Off to watch some more of the news...
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