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HO O PONO PONO: harmony, justice, making things right, sometimes Ho oponopono is translated as family therapy. Energy clearing, resolving disputes, internal healing and resolution of conflicts, aligning yourself with IAO (that that is, Source etc. )

The most well known form of Ho O pono pono is a kind of family or community counsel or therapeutic process where problems are worked out and grievances are resolved via negotiation. Many people have commented that it is very like Transactional Analysis or other group therapy and negotiation forms though it has a Spiritual element.

Ho-o-pono-pono also refers to balancing and making right internal conflicts and correcting wrongs that a person may have done to others.

And when you're putting yourself in the role of Huna-especially when you are most certainly *not* a Huna? Dear God...

I feel like I've been put through a taffy-pulling machine. If I'm going to keep doing this in my life, does anyone know of a place on the mainland where I can seek a teacher?


Anyway. No real need to explain much, just that I tried to help some friends work out some troubles. There's still much work to be done, and much talk left, but both halves of the wound have been brought together. Now it must heal.

But yeah.

Putting that much Mana into maintaining dialogue, coaxing both sides to stay calm and keep talking, all while maintaining my *own* level of calm...

*flops bonelessly*

Aia nô i ka nânâ `ana. We'll see what the future brings.

I wish I could take a walk at Kaena, right now. I always felt good, there. I always felt..."watched over". Not "safe", so much as "observed with peaceful interest". I need to feel that way now. I don't hurt, but I feel like water bottle that's mostly empty. Living in Hawai'i, I could always go out somewhere Good and come back feeling better. No matter where I was going, I could always feel the wind on my face, leading me on, saying, "Just a little farther! I have more to show you!"

Even the Wapio Peninsula felt mostly alright-at least during the day-and that's saying a lot. (Never liked Keehi Lagoon, though. That place always felt bad.)

Heh! Yeah...I know jus da teeng! Go hike Kaena, then hit L&L Wahiawa for chicken katsu!


Someday...someday soon, I hope.
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